Banner Ads
​Promote your business by purchasing a banner ad that scrolls on the home page of the Chamber website 24/7 to visitors. With over 150,000 web hits each month, this is an effective strategy to promote your business.

The purchased banner ads will run for one full quarter: ​2nd Quarter: April-June 2015; 3rd Quarter: July-September 2015; 4th Quarter: October-December 2015; 1st Quarter: January-March 2016

Small banner ads - 120 available          30 ads/ quarter

Small banner ads are sized at 300px wide and 100px high

Medium banner ads - 80 available            20 ads/ quarter

Medium banner ads are sized at 150px wide and 325px high

Large banner ads - 40 available            10 ads/ quarter

Large banner ads are sized at 650px wide and 125px high 
The sizes of all the banner ads are scaled and shown below, as they would appear on the website.