Investment Schedule:
The Indianola Chamber of Commerce exists to promote economic growth and strengthen our business climate, as well enhance the quality of life in Indianola. This business organization offers you, your business and employee’s countless opportunities to meet new people, share ideas, and enhance life in the Indianola community.  Stakeholders of the Indianola Chamber of Commerce supports an organization which watches out for the welfare and development of the community.  

The Chamber offers business services to our stakeholders that includes coordinated opportunities that helps stakeholders grow their business contacts, promotes business/professional development, and provides coordinated communication, marketing and sponsorship opportunities. We provide you with assistance and tools to better document your business and expand your digital footprint in the global marketplace. 

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For businesses with a physical office and doing business in Indianola, your investment is based on employee count:
(1 to 2 employees)- $ 262
(3 to 5 employees) - $ 316
(6 to 10 employees)- $ 392
(11 to 15 employees)- $ 481
(16 to 25 employees)- $ 644
(26 to 50 employees)- $ 758
(51 to 100 employees)- $ 912
(101 to 200 employees)- $ 1,212
(More than 200 employees)- $ 1,551

Based on number of seats
Up to 75 seats: $382
Over 75 seats: $443

Beauty and barber shops
Base plus number of chairs
$169 plus $10 per chair

Hotels & Motels
Based on number of rooms.
1 to 20 rooms: $354
21 to 40 rooms: $436
Over 40 rooms: $514
Civic organizations, associations, political candidates, and elected officials
$114 -  This base membership is for civic organizations and associations, political candidates and elected officials, and service clubs.

Individual Professional membership
$262 - This membership is for professionals interested in an individual listing in the Chamber directory.  It would be beneficial for real estate agents, doctors, or other licensed professionals who want an individual listing in the directory to increase public awareness of their presence in the community.

Financial Institutions
$26 per million of the greater of Assets or Deposits at said location
Minimum of $496 and a maximum of $1,598.

Other business outside of Warren County
$262- Any business outside of Warren County. Employee count based on number of full time employees serving Warren County.

Individual membership
$54 - Stay connected by purchasing an individual membership. This is intended for individuals such as retired persons, or others not affiliated with a business, association or other type of organization that would like to stay connected.  Individuals will receive all of the communications from the Chamber to stay in the know but may not hold an office at the Chamber.

Apartment and Mobile Home parks
Based on the number of units
4 to 50 Units: $262
51 to 100 Units: $327
Over 100 Units: $448


Home Based Business
$169 - Business operated and managed from home and is not the primary revenue source for the family.

Friends of the Chamber
Friends of the Indianola Chamber provide financial support to the organization.  A donation to the Chamber will provide the opportunity for recognition on the Chamber website.  Donations may be tax deductible.  Please consult a tax consultant on this matter.  Friends can donate at the following levels:
Basic - $50
Purple - $125
Silver - $250
Gold - $500
Platinum - $1,000 +